What Are the Differences Between Amazon Web Services and SaaS?

It’s quite amazing that some people are confused about the basic differences between Amazon Web Services and just any SaaS (Software as a Service) program. Here are the main distinctions and their meanings to your e-commerce website.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) programs allow you to develop applications using a range of programming languages and frameworks. The advantages of this are, you can choose the languages and frameworks you like best without being locked into them. You also get cost savings, management control and up-time guarantees. They allow you to control costs and deliver your program to your clients on time.

Web-scale hosting allows you to control the system resources and maximum traffic of your server (your website). This is more important for large-scale applications that require large amounts of resources.

In contrast, most SaaS are scalable and cheap – as low as $0.01 per month per account. You pay only for the use of the application and there is no per-minute or per-hour fee. This makes them cheaper to implement and maintain.

However, when you use AWS, you will not be able to run your own servers and have full control over the data center. For this reason, it is usually more effective to hire a managed server provider to do the IT work for you.

When you choose a managed provider, they will take over running the servers, data centers and maintaining the infrastructure and the app’s life cycle. Since the workload is split between many users, the total cost of doing business is significantly reduced.

Another major difference between AWS and other SaaS programs is that they are “auto-scaling” – meaning that the service will automatically scale to new customers as your business grows. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are not set-it-and-forget-it.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that can handle not only your physical infrastructure but also the ever-changing and ever-growing demands of your customers, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an ideal choice. The technical solutions of the Amazon SaaS programs can help you grow your business.

Most companies want a service that not only allows them to make use of the Amazon cloud for their needs but also to automate data center automation and make sure that the servers are available for immediate usage. While managing infrastructure yourself might seem like a bad idea, it is actually a must if you want to run a successful e-commerce business. You might not think it now, but if you want to know how to keep your customers happy you should invest in a managed infrastructure.

One of the main differences between AWS and other SaaS programs is that they can support different languages, frameworks and coding styles. AWS offers a wide range of options so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Although not all the features of the Amazon Web Services are useful for your e-commerce business, you can always opt for its general-purpose features. Once you have decided on a specific program, it will then become easy to manage your servers and applications through the AWS console.

Using AWS is an ideal way to provide a secure virtual private cloud with scalability and flexibility, which allow you to operate your company on the same high quality level you expect from your employees. AWS offers several membership levels and features, so you can choose the most suitable program for your needs.